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Changes and why!!

So dear reader, why have there been changes!  As those who attend the church whether in Llanasa, Ffynnongroyw or Gronant will know, I arrived in April and quickly realised that were I to ever get to know the congregation members in Ffynnongroyw as well as I was getting to know the congregations in Llanasa and Gronant, something needed to change.  So I spoke to the PCC members who voted on the 2 options I gave and BOTH PCC’s voted for the option that meant the Eucharist would be held every other week, but still retaining the Joint Eucharists that had already been happening long before I arrived.

This wasn’t a complete 100% yes vote, but yes it was a majority and we agreed to trial until October.  This we have done and then on 2nd October an anonymous questionnaire was given out and also for the following 2 Sundays to ask for people’s opinions on that trial as well as a few other things.

The results were not really as conclusive as perhaps some would have liked and so the church wardens and I need to pray about the services now the results have been looked at, so that a good pattern of worship might be found.

One thing to remember and really reinforce is that the Eucharist is not something that every church has every week now, unlike past years.  However, God is God, no matter what the form of service is taking place.  Morning prayer is as valid a form of worship as is the Eucharist and if you only come for the Eucharist, my question is what is your understanding of the worship of God, and if you are so convinced that the Eucharist is the only way to worship God, then you have a choice in the group as we have either 1 or 2 Eucharists per Sunday and also one on a Wednesday, unless I am in a meeting on Wednesday.

This morning Sunday 30th October, we had a family service, where 40 adults and 2 children, heard about Zacchaeus, that well known story from the Gospel.  They were challenged to ask themselves whether they were going to let Jesus make a difference in their lives as Zacchaeus allowed Him to make a difference in his life.

If you weren’t there this morning, I wonder if you might accept the challenge and realise that God is God all the time, regardless of day, time, month, year, in church or out of church and that He wants to make a difference to your life, transforming it to one of following Him, whatever He asks of you!