Croeso ~ Welcome

The Grouped Parishes of Llanasa and Ffynnongroyw in Flintshire, North Wales.

BTWBeyond these walls.  A book of poetry, talks and sermons by Stuart Elliott whilst in the parishes of Llanasa and Ffynnongroyw.

R.S. Thomas wrote in his poem ‘The empty Church': “They laid this stone trap for him… He will not come and more to our lure.’

Looking back over these various writings there is an undercurrent running through them which is a calling to go outside and to search for God in friend and stranger, in community and nature.

You can buy a copy of the book here


The First Sunday of each month is normally a Joint Service.

Dates in 2015 are as follows

5th July Midsummer 4pm Gronant or outdoors if fine weather

2nd August Lammas 9.30am Ffynnongroyw

6th September Creation Time 4pm Gronant

During September Recital at Ffynnongroyw

4th October Harvest 11am at Llanasa

1st November All Saints 9.30am at All Saints Ffynnongroyw

6th December 9.30am Ffynnongroyw